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Software tools can be targeted to specific tasks, such as reading materials that already exist, or writing letters and reports. Assistive technology can facilitate access to math, starting with arithmetic and extending to advanced mathematics. It can help a person organize their ideas both the improve learning and to plan actions. For content creators (teachers and authors), assistive technologies can help assure that the content created is accessible to the widest possible range of users. AT software can also help teach the skills necessary to participate in the world for a person with a disability. What type of productivity software are you looking for?

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  • Reading (55) - Assistance with reading printed or electronic documents, including language support
  • Writing (57) - Help with language, word selection, and the mechanics of writing.
  • Math (18) - Assistance with performing calculations and manipulating the symbols of mathematics.
  • Organizing Ideas (Mind Maps) (17) - Arrange ideas into meaningful patterns, organize thinking and planning.
  • Create accessible documents (24) - Tools to build in and to text the features of a document that allow access
  • Learn skills (46) - Software to teach specialized skills to people with disabilities.
  • Other (17) - Products in the "AT Productivity Software" category that do not fit into one or more of the categories above