Accessible Broadcasts

Entertainment broadcasts are, for the most part, either audio or a combination of audio and video.  As such, their value can be impaired for a person who has difficulty with either seeing or hearing or both.  In spite of this, accommodations can be made to improve accessibility.

  • A person who cannot hear the sound of a broadcast, whether because of hearing loss or a noisy environment, may benefit from captioning: placing the text of what is said on the screen as the broadcast continues.
  • If it is not necessary that the dialog be linked to what is on the screen, or if there is no screen, the information of the broadcast can be made accessible through a transcript, which records all dialog.
  • For a person who is blind, much of the information of a broadcast can be made accessible through video description.  Audio descriptions of the action can be woven into the soundtrack to provide a sense of what is happening.

What type of accommodation are you looking for?

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