Access to Entertainment

A person with functional limitations may enjoy entertainment as much as the rest of us.  However, since many forms of entertainment are designed for able-bodied people, with little regard to those who do not have perfect eyesight, hearing, and movement ability, they can be very hard to use for those with disabilities.  The types of accommodation used by people to access entertainment depends to a large extent on the type of entertainment being accessed.

  • Much of modern entertainment comes into the home as broadcasts for radio, television, or internet streaming sources.
  • Reading remains a major source of entertainment, whether in the form of physical books and magazines or electronic versions on various forms of tablet.
  • A person with hearing loss may have difficulty enjoying broadcasts or either face-to-face conversations.  Assistive listening systems can provide a better experience.
  • A person with severe physical limitations will not be able to operate the standard controls designed for able-bodied use.  Various forms of switches and switch interfaces can bridge the access gap.
  • A person who has difficulty using a personal entertainment device may have difficulty holding it steady during use.  Various supports and mounts can help with this.

What type of accommodation are you looking for?

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  • Accessible Broadcasts (21) - Accommodation for broadcast entertainment, for both hearing and vision limitations.
  • Access to Reading (148) - Accommodations for access to books, newspapers, and magazines.
  • Assistive Listening (17) - Feed sounds directly to the listener.
  • Gaming and Games (31) - Games designed for those with disabilities or alternative controls to mainstream games.
  • Web Browsers (14) - Access information from on-line sources. Includes specialized browsers and add-ins to mainstream browsers.
  • Access Switches/Receivers (132) - Provide access for people with very limited movement.
  • Device Mounts (5) - Hold or stabilize personal devices during use.
  • Other (27) - Products in the "Access to Entertainment" category that do not fit into one or more of the categories above