Provides Adjustable Foreground/Background Colors

A yellow on-screen keyboard with black text in a text window below.

An independent interactive software that speaks as it guides the users around the computer keyboard. It introduces all the keys available and is suitable for visually impaired users. 

Horizontal oriented iPhone and a finger manipulating letters on the screen to form a sentence.

A language, reading, spelling, and vocabulary tutorial program designed for use by parents and teachers working with children with low vision, learning, communication, cognitive or hearing disabilities.

Screenshot of ScreenRuler applying a reading guide over a webpage. The guide darkens the whole page except for a horizontal strip, which acts as a spotlight on the section of text the user is currently reading.

Makes reading more accessible for individuals with low vision by magnifying the screen as well as applying high-contrast color filters.

A color wheel with a bold, white letter "A" on top. There is a selection pointer placed over a bold blue color. Underneath, a menu displaying the hex value and other color attributes.

Color identification app that allows a person who is colorblind to use their Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as a visual aid.

A hand turns the page of a digital magazine on a touchscreen e-reader device.

Can be virtually downloaded and features accessibility options such as font size adjustment, contrast adjustment, and audio read-aloud, for example.

A graphics logo with the word "e book" in black font and a simple, black illustration of an e-reader. The letter "e" is written over the screen of the e-reader illustration. There is a bright yellow circle in the background of the graphic.

A digital book that can be virtually downloaded and features accessibility options such as font size adjustment, contrast adjustment, and audio read-aloud, for example. E-books are typically downloaded to e-readers, but depending on their file format, users may also read them on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Medium-sized tablet devices with digital book pages. They are roughly the size of a standard paperback book. Three have black borders, while one is a white device. One of the e-readers is shown with a stylus. The e-readers do not have color screens like standard tablets but are black and white and more opaque than a tablet.

Allows users to read and purchase digital books, newspapers, and magazines, while also eliminating the need to flip a page or physically hold a book. E-readers also typically allow users to change font size, increase the contrast, and modify how many lines of text fill a page.

Logo of Bookshare

An accessible online library for people with print disabilities.

Handheld device with buttons across bottom underneath LCD screen displaying two flowers.

Clover 7 Handheld Video Magnifier with its large 7-inch wide LCD display; compact, lightweight design; and integrated fold-away stand provides a reading and writing experience for those with low vision. The Clover 7 features image freeze, storage, and playback, enabling you to examine the enlarged image at your convenience.