Sensory Accommodations

Tools and accommodations to allow a student with deficits in vision or hearing to participate in the classroom.
Product logo, featuring a yellow rectangle with several smaller red squares on top, with the word "2000" in bold black font beneath.

A comprehensive tool for producing, sharing, and translating braille.

Black square with the word Cog written in scrip and a leaf coming out of the top of the letter C.

An indoor/outdoor navigation app that is designed to help people with visual impairments explore the world without vision. 

Picture of a woman in a red blouse using sign language with various drawings of other people using sign language around her.

A three-CD reference set that enables users to locate approximately 7,000 words and their definitions in both English and ASL. 

CD box with CD in front featuring the product name in the upper half and an image of a boy in the water below it. The CD-ROM disk has an image of a pool and the product's name.

A language intervention program for students with disabilities who have a core vocabulary of nouns and verbs but are having difficulty conveying meaning.

Screenshot showing a scrolling wheel at the top with a series of sentences and a colorful drawing of a green fish about to eat a smaller yellow fish on the bottom.

A language and reading tutorial app designed for use by parents and teachers working with children with low vision, learning, communication, cognitive or hearing disabilities or autism.

Company logo featuring a 3D, colorized capital letter V followed by a lowercase com and 3D, all in black outline, against a white rectangular background.

An animated sign language resource designed for use by students who are deaf or hard of hearing that teachers can integrate into the software they already use.

Screenshot showing a calculator pad on the right and advanced math function buttons on the left and the calculation result across the top.

A voice output calculator program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. It includes normal and scientific functions and can store and replay calculations.

Rectangular printed circuit board showing chipsets, circuitry, and pin connectors.

A modular voice synthesizer designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision.

Green vertical horizontal image with examples of the Tiresias font letters and numbers.

A low vision font family designed to have characters that are easy to distinguish from each other, which is especially important for the visually impaired. 

Drawing of bookstore storefront with red walls, a blue door frame, and large orange windows containing bookshelves built with books on them.

A typing program for both home and classroom use that is designed for blind and visually impaired students and features digitized human speech.