Sensory Aids

Classroom accommodations for students with limitations in vision or hearing.
White, rectangular device, rounded at one end, with LED lights along the bottom right and a speaker in the center of the rounded point.

An electronic voice Level Indicator for children with learning problems designed to help them get their volume just right.

Video display showing a cut orange attached to a stand with a flat surface below.

A portable video magnifier for people with vision impairments that features a 12-inch full-HD display and magnification up to 19x.

Picture of a hand holding a small video screen, which is being held over a book and shows a magnified image of a bird.

A series of handheld electronic video magnifiers that offer high-resolution HD cameras and autofocus capabilities and are designed to be user-friendly and contemporary.

A black rectangular device with menu options on the front and an easel back.

Inductive Loop for service points, tables, and small areas. Easy and quick installation.

Product logo, featuring a yellow rectangle with several smaller red squares on top, with the word "2000" in bold black font beneath.

A comprehensive tool for producing, sharing, and translating braille.

Picture of a woman in a red blouse using sign language with various drawings of other people using sign language around her.

A three-CD reference set that enables users to locate approximately 7,000 words and their definitions in both English and ASL. 

Picture of a board game with a white background and large square spaces with various images on them.

A CD containing printable activities related to "Old MacDonald's Farm" for use with children with cognitive, developmental, or multiple disabilities.

Screenshot showing a scrolling wheel at the top with a series of sentences and a colorful drawing of a green fish about to eat a smaller yellow fish on the bottom.

A language and reading tutorial app designed for use by parents and teachers working with children with low vision, learning, communication, cognitive or hearing disabilities or autism.

A bright green software box with the words "PharmaBraille" at the top in black font and white circle graphics meant to represent Braille dots below.

Braille translation program designed to produce braille medication labels for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision.

Rectangular white device with red surface and three toys on top next to three geometric shapes. Three black cables are on the lower right.

A sensory busy box designed to be a cause and effect training program, motor planning skill, and eye-hand coordination activity to provide audio, visual, and tactile stimulation for children with disabilities.