Putting information or instructions into the computer

For most people, the conventional keyboard and mouse, or the touch screen are adequate methods of communicating with our devices.  However, many people have difficulty using these devices and may require some assistance in communicating their intentions and other information.  Input aids can be classed in a number of ways:

  • Most modern devices have a certain level of access built-in, available simply by turning it on.
  • The standard keyboard can be replaced with one that better meets individual needs or preferences.
  • The conventional mouse can be made more usable or replaced with alternatives to assist pointing and clicking.
  • Special software can be used to create complex actions from simple keyboard actions (macros).
  • Printed documents (books, bills, etc.) can be converted to electronic documents using scanning and imaging tools.
  • Game consoles and media centers may have special, complex controllers which can be replaced with alternatives that are easier to use.


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