Access to Education

There are many potential barriers to getting an education for a person with functional limitations.  Managing some of these barriers is the responsibility of the educator, and for others, it depends on efforts by the student.

  • Some educational materials have been designed to be accessible by students with different learning styles and abilities.  Commonly, these cover the same content as non-accessible materials.
  • Much of the vast body of existing educational materials can be made accessible through modified delivery methods.
  • Mathematics, especially when moving beyond simple arithmetic, can be challenging.  Some tools can make it easier.
  • When existing materials are not adequate, a teacher may have to create accessible materials for the classroom.  There are tools and products to assist with this process.
  • A great deal of teaching involves reading information from paper.  For some students, reading is a special challenge, and assistance can be required. 
  • In some cases, the student will have difficulty because of limitations in vision or hearing.  Sensory aids can assist with inclusion in the classroom.
  • Active learning involves identifying key points, and taking notes to assist recall.  Note taking can be a challenge for some.
  • If a student is using an assistive device in the classroom, they may also require a stable mount for that device.

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