Joystick Mice

Moving joystick or keyboard button moves mouse in direction pushed
Triangular inclined device with joystick in center and logo written across the bottom edge.

Wireless joystick that provides the ability to simulate a mouse from a 4 way switch with the addition of 3 additional switch inputs.

Rectangular remote display with controls displayed in a circle
This product has been discontinued.

The Genie+ is a master remote display for the DX bus system. It enables integrated control over a wheelchair, computer, mobile phone and environmental or communication device from any DX secondary remote, usually a Remote Joystick Module (RJM) input device.

Circuit board with computer jacks.

Provides both wireless and wired control of the mouse on a PC from the wheelchair joystick. The mouse functions can be controlled from the connected 0/1 connector.

Circuit board with computer jacks

Cable-connected control of the mouse to a PC, from the wheelchair joystick, and control of mouse functions from the connected 0/1 connector. From a bundled software it is possible to program mouse functions.

Two circuit boards on top of each other with a single port

Wireless control of the mouse on a PC, from the wheelchair joystick, and wireless control of mouse functions from the connected 0/1 connector. From the included software there is one programmable mouse function.

Round device with joystick and connector, separate mouse interface device.

The Moozi joystick is a low profile joystick-shaped multiple switch device which can be used to control a power drive wheelchair (requires a switch interface).

Joystick mouse mounted on wheelchair, controlling mouse on computer.

provides switch access to tablet and computer.  

A small hand held device with a loop at the top and a thumb through the loop.

The Ihandle is a communication and wheelchair controller. Ihandle® is a finger-controlled device that consists of a keyboard part (the top pad with 10 sensors) and mouse part (the bottom pad with 8 sensors).