Joystick Mice

Moving joystick or keyboard button moves mouse in direction pushed
A sip/puff device shown in black with a mouthpiece that has 3 holes. Tubing is attached on the side of the device with another sip/puff fitting.

A sip/puff joystick that emulates a USB or Bluetooth mouse, keyboard or game controller and is designed for people with limited upper extremity mobility.

Black, oval-shaped device with two red buttons on one end and a cable coming out of the other end with a USB connector.

A chin, lip, or tongue mouse controller designed for use by individuals with severe physical or neurological disabilities, upper extremity amputation, or spinal cord injury.

Black oblong pointed object on a long stem connected to a mechanical arm.

A mouth-operated joystick that enables the user to move the cursor while sipping and puffing triggers clicking and right clicking.

Triangular inclined device with joystick in center and logo written across the bottom edge.

Wireless joystick that provides the ability to simulate a mouse from a 4 way switch with the addition of 3 additional switch inputs.

Rectangular remote display with controls displayed in a circle.

A master remote display for the DX bus system. It enables integrated control over a wheelchair, computer, mobile phone and environmental or communication device from any DX secondary remote, usually a Remote Joystick Module (RJM) input device.

A curve-shaped black mouse with a rotation toggle.

An advanced 3D mouse that allows users to view 3D models with a 6-Degrees-of-Freedom (6DoF) sensor and access to Standard and Custom Views.

Two circuit boards on top of each other with a single port.

Enables wired or wireless control of a mouse on a PC from a wheelchair joystick and wireless control of mouse functions from a connected 0/1 connector.

Round device with joystick and connector, separate mouse interface device.

The Moozi joystick is a low profile joystick-shaped multiple switch device which can be used to control a power drive wheelchair (requires a switch interface).

A small device wrapped by the index finger and with a loop at the top and a thumb through the loop.

A finger-controlled device for communication, Smart Home, and wheelchair for paralyzed people with very little movement left in one finger.