Synthesized Voice

A green background with two white conversation bubbles overlapping.

An app designed for teens and adults with autism and other developmental and communication challenges. It is specifically focused on the more cognitively challenged.

Tablet device with a camera mounted at the bottom of the screen and an onscreen keyboard.

A communication device for people whose only means of communication is with their eyes. It is classified as a speech generator (SGD).

Opened dark grey laptop with AllTalk's icon phrase selection menu on screen.

An AAC device for individuals with communication disabilities that uses an icon-based language.

Word selection screen on smartphone with with 12 options available in a 3x4 grid.

Integrated communication systems that offer Chat software on Android platforms that can be configured for different communication needs for a wide variety of individuals.

Small wireless keyboard and small rectangular speaker.

A speech-generating device that offers a solution for AAC augmentative communication when users are looking for a simple yet powerful speech generation device. It is suitable for speech-impaired individuals, post-operative patients, or as a health product solution for anyone who needs an affordable voice generation device that generates synthesized speech.

The Say Hi AAC logo. It has a lime green backdrop, with the word "hi!" written in a cursive, handwriting-style font. The word is in white, while the quotation marks around it are dark grey.

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and navigation iPad application that brings the world of basic communication to people with severe physical disabilities, limited movement, and/or challenged dexterity through pages with groups of words or phrase boxes. 

Tablet enclosed in protective case with grid of icons and handle on right side.

An 8-inch touchscreen designed for portable augmentative and alternative communication support.

Angled view of tablet screen with black border.

Augmentative communication systems combining tablet-style form, function, and features packaged with Tobii Dynavox Compass software.

Rectangular white tablet displaying the home screen.

A communication device with an integrated mobile phone.

Rectangular handheld device with a red case and a text input screen with a keyboard on the display. It is sitting upright against a stand.

Lightweight and portable text-to-speech Android-based tablets.