Daily Living

Devices and services to provide support for everyday life.
Flat display showing large letters on the screen attached to a folding arm and connected to a silver-colored flat surface with a piece of paper on it.

Portable full high-definition video magnifiers that fold flat for portability or storage when not in use.

Drawing of fingers holding a smartphone in the left part of the image and in the background is an intersection of a hallway with a small, white figure walking and holding a cane.

The ClickAndGo Wayfinding App is a free aid to help users navigate unfamiliar areas and complex buildings such as bus stations, college campuses, airports, hotels, and other venues.

Photograph of a woman wearing sunglasses walking down a path in the woods and using a cane.

A free wayfinding technology for blind, low-vision, and mobility-challenged pedestrians. Accessible online and via the ClickAndGo Wayfinding App, it provides narrative directions, low-vision maps, and real-time location support (via iBeacon technology).

Front view of white rectangular device with button just above the speaker; a side view shows various ports. for connecting the device.

Compact alerting device that indicates a telephone or doorbell is ringing either with a bright flashing light or an extra loud tone - or both at the same time.

mona gray and black door monitor, white video receiver with a screen at the top, and a white transmitter.

Audio/video transmission system designed as a video intercom for outside the house and/or for video monitoring inside the house – for example in a baby’s or sick person’s room.

A 3D rendering of a user within their home, illustrating where several motion sensors are located (in the kitchen, next to the toilet and bath, next to the bed and in the hallway).

Allows caregivers to strategically place motion detectors in key locations—for example, under the mattress, on the refrigerator door, and on a medication container— in order to monitor a user's activities of daily living.

A black alarm clock with a lisa receiver on top, two silver RF repeaters with black antennas, a silver portable receiver, a table-top blinking lamp, and an analog clock with a bright light attached to the right.

Alerting system available as wired or wireless devices that provide light and vibration signals and consist of at least one transmitter and one receiver.

Two video display screens shown with a separate intercom component.

Allows users to see and hear another room or location within their home or workplace.

A dark blue background with a white and red open book graphic.

Uses text-to-speech (TTS) to read digital articles, documents, and books out loud.

Large white, rectangular device with a dark gray face that has on and off buttons at the top left and right, two control dials near the top, and two port openings at the bottom.

An environmental control switch module for X10-based systems designed to switch any low voltage load for individuals with physical disabilities.